Acme Home Improvement

 Remodeling and Renovation Specialist        


Did You Know?

1) Since 2008, 72% of contractors and builders let their Insurance lapse. Due to the economic conditions these companies cut overhead by not renewing the Liability Insurance that protects you, the homeowner.

*  Acme Home Improvement has always maintained Contractual Liability Insurance and will provide proof of insurance upon request.

2)  Throughout the years our customers have told us about “other contractor experiences”

-- Late for initial appointment or no show.
-- Leaving the job to start other projects before work is completed.
-- Not cleaning jobsite when finished.

*  At Acme Home Improvement:

-- We strive to always be prompt.
-- Complete one job at a time.
-- Clean your jobsite during and after your project.

3) National statistics show that the average contractor is not properly equipped. Most contractors drive a pickup truck or van and have $2000 in tools.

*  Acme Home Improvement operates with a fully self contained 24’ Box Truck. In addition to keeping your materials safe and dry, it allows us to carry over $30,000 of tools to handle most any job.

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